Happy Parenting

Being a parent can be a fulfilling, rewarding, and joyous process. But at times, it can be quite the opposite as well. Frustration and stress do not take long to manifest themselves in the face of challenges. We as parents do and want to do everything within our capacity to provide the best for our children. We try to do our best every single day to give them everything they want and need, especially all the things that we did not receive while growing up. We want our children to have the best education, support system, comfort, and security. Yet, all we can do may seem inadequate at times, and at times this could be an obstacle for their growth.

The Internet and Social media have accelerated the gap between parents and children of this generation. Effective communication has become the biggest challenge since we seem to be speaking in completely different languages. The problem is not language though, it is understanding each other better and respecting one another’s often conflicting opinions. Like everything else in nature, humans too have a rhythm to their growth. Every 7 years, from the time of birth, until our last breath, our body, mind, emotions, and every other part of us undergoes constant change. Understanding this rhythm helps us better comprehend the changes our child is going through.
In my workshop, designed especially for parents, I help with understanding this rhythm. Parents need to relate to the difficulties and trauma their children face on an everyday basis and in each phase of their lives. I help parents decode the language and the silence of their children. I believe that helping them recognise their own trends, will help them understand the trends of children. “Projection” and “Transference”, creates an endless cycle and disturbing loop in the parent and child relationship. My role is to help the parents understand these terms and their implications through specially designed processes, ground discussion and interactive sessions, which are formulated through scientific research and psychological understanding.
Happy children create a happy world.

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