"I have learned to cook through the cuisine of others, and somewhere down the line, I have made it my own"

My Love For Food

was born in a Gujarati family. For us, cooking is the primary purpose of almost everything! 

I cannot emphasise the importance of food enough. Most forms of celebration are tied tightly with food. In fact, food is seen as God. We worship Annadata, the food god. So since a young age, I had a very intimate relationship with food, it was more than just about the meals I ate. It was what the food stood for, and what it expressed.

One of my very first dialogues with food began with my mother. I can describe her best as an impulsive feeder. For her, food was the means to express love. I carry the same love for food and perhaps have inherited my mother’s feeding habits. Cooking for my son and the rest of my family has been one of the biggest joys of my life. My food expresses my love for my family and also enables me to help them lead a healthier life. I love to cook, and I feel like cooking is something I was meant to do because of how fulfilling it is for me. Furthermore, my cooking not only spreads love but also brings me a lot of love in return. This is in the form of praise and appreciation from those I cook for. I could ask for no more.

My inspiration to cook stems from a desire to strike a balance between my food being healthy and tasty at the same time. I do not claim to promote any particular diet, nor do I follow one. In my kitchen, no food is labelled good or bad. However, since I am a vegetarian, fresh fruits and vegetables are my favourite ingredients. I also use a lot of herbs in my cooking. Most of it is homegrown, so everything is seasonal and natural. Being a farmer, I love to cook in a way that preserves the natural form and flavours of my ingredients. I also really enjoy experimenting with my food, so I often end up spending a great deal of time in my kitchen. I enjoy using the ingredients I have grown, as much as I love being on my farm, growing them. I feel like I have a deep connect with food, and feel blessed when I am sitting around the table with my family, friends, and sharing healthy food.

In this space, I wish to share some of my favourite recipes here, and through them my passion for food. Most of these recipes are easy to follow and don’t take much time at all! The main idea behind this venture or rather the purpose I want to achieve by sharing my recipes is to encourage everyone to go into the kitchen and cook! Make something special for that special person and of course, for yourself too.

“And do not forget to be kind, eat healthy, stay positive and spread a lot of love. Happy cooking!”