Personalised coaching programs

These are times when one needs special attention. Many situations are such that one just cannot encounter them alone. When there are pressing matters that need to be addressed and questions that need to be answered, and it is difficult for one to even recognise where they are, let alone tread through alone. Science shows that most people cannot stay focused on what they want to be focused on and that simple things like attention spans are rapidly decreasing.

I want to help people realise their lives to the fullest. I use various tools like, pranayama, painting, meditation, yoga, verbal therapy etc., to cater to my clients’ individual needs. Their minds can then be a safe, calm space just for them. The ability to feel at ease in one’s own body is vital for a mindful life, but unfortunately, finding solace in one’s own self is becoming increasingly rare. I want to inculcate mindful living through my nurturing and mentoring program. 

Through this, I will help those who come to me in recognising their fears and finding ways to break out of them and transform them into positivity and resilience. This will lead to success, growth, and fulfillment from the power of having overcome one’s biggest problems and having turned the worst into the best.


Corporate training programs

“The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

As companies grow in size, the contributions of an individual can seem like a small drop in a very large ocean. When the individual starts to feel insignificant, their work will suffer. Most companies today are missing out on getting the most from their employees. However, this is not due to inefficiency at the individual level. What most people do not realise is that group dynamics and teamwork play a large role in determining not just the performance of the employees but also the strength of the company.
Dhara Dedhiya, a self-development mentor, conducts workshops for the Corporate world in order to combat this very problem. She emphasises the value of teamwork and effective communication at the workplace to create the most supportive environment possible. Her exercises are aimed at boosting performance and happiness at work while simultaneously improving personal life by affecting the environment at home as well. The final result is a strengthened inter-personal dynamic and reduced stress experienced by the individual.
As stated above, these Corporate self-help workshops have several far-reaching benefits and influence both work and home life, thereby improving one’s quality of life greatly

Stress free studying

Growing up can be challenging. It is no longer just fun and games. Childhood used to be the most carefree and easiest part of life, but this perception has undergone a drastic change recently. Parental expectations, competition with peers, pressure from school and so many other factors have all added to making the lives of children more and more difficult. All these challenges add a lot of stress for a child, and young minds are not best equipped to handle so much on their own.

The workshop aims at helping children understand themselves, their patterns, their tendencies and aids in the process of recognising one’s own strengths and weaknesses. All of this helps one be better equipped to overcome their fears and weakness, making the process of growing up easy and joyful.
The workshop is designed to use playful techniques, simple relaxation processes, mindful breathing, and happy learning. It is primarily focused on improving interpersonal relations with parents, friends, and teachers all of which can be among the biggest factors in determining the quality of one’s childhood. Having a great support system, and being around people who empower and bring about the best in you must be a skill inculcated into individuals from an early age. When love, trust, and friendship are present in abundance from early in childhood, it helps form a solid foundation to deal with challenges for the rest of one’s life.

Happy Parenting

Being a parent can be a fulfilling, rewarding, and joyous process. But at times, it can be quite the opposite as well. Frustration and stress do not take long to manifest themselves in the face of challenges. We as parents do and want to do everything within our capacity to provide the best for our children. We try to do our best every single day to give them everything they want and need, especially all the things that we did not receive while growing up. We want our children to have the best education, support system, comfort, and security. Yet, all we can do may seem inadequate at times, and at times this could be an obstacle for their growth.

The Internet and Social media have accelerated the gap between parents and children of this generation. Effective communication has become the biggest challenge since we seem to be speaking in completely different languages. The problem is not language though, it is understanding each other better and respecting one another’s often conflicting opinions. Like everything else in nature, humans too have a rhythm to their growth. Every 7 years, from the time of birth, until our last breath, our body, mind, emotions, and every other part of us undergoes constant change. Understanding this rhythm helps us better comprehend the changes our child is going through.
In my workshop, designed especially for parents, I help with understanding this rhythm. Parents need to relate to the difficulties and trauma their children face on an everyday basis and in each phase of their lives. I help parents decode the language and the silence of their children. I believe that helping them recognise their own trends, will help them understand the trends of children. “Projection” and “Transference”, creates an endless cycle and disturbing loop in the parent and child relationship. My role is to help the parents understand these terms and their implications through specially designed processes, ground discussion and interactive sessions, which are formulated through scientific research and psychological understanding.
Happy children create a happy world.

Self-development through Art & Creativity

Who am I?” has been a stepping stone for some of my innermost journeys of self-awareness and self-acceptance. This module revolves around the same question. A combination of my learning’s and experiences with The Art of Living, complimented by various techniques and processes of Art therapy, have been brought together to create an impactful workshop. The participants are consciously made aware of their true strengths and weaknesses, through practical processes.

My 8 years of working with The Art of Living has helped established myself as a teacher and mentor. The journey has been rich in knowledge and experience. While training to be an Art Therapist, I found tools and techniques to understand myself. These tools have helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and helped me discover ways of being independent in my self-growth and development. All this has now culminated in the form of Youth and Corporate training programs. The aim of these programs is to help people realise and understand themselves. 
I have designed several modules for the same. These help to impart intuitive, engaging and informative sessions on the most important psychological and spiritual life strategies that are untouched by the conventional education system. Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and just anyone else can choose a module suited to their own needs. It is important to recognise that different people face different challenges. The modules are designed to aid overcoming these unique challenges and further personal abilities.
Art and teaching are both an expression of everything that I have learnt in life. The worth of knowledge is greatly reduced if it is not shared, and knowledge is on of the few things that only grows more when given away.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of non verbal psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self expression through painting , music , creativity and all kinds of art. It is an alternative method of expression often used as a therapeutic technique. Art therapy is gaining popularity as people realise the insufficiency of words or merely the challenge of connecting with one’s inner feelings and giving it words.
Often, mere words cannot do justice to describing how we feel. Pure joy, heartbreak, pain, emotional trauma; how does one describe any of these accurately? There sometimes is an unimaginable gap between feelings and words. Words fail to capture the depth and complexity of what we feel. Art attempts to help bridge this gap and make up for the limitations of language by bringing into view what is hidden to everyone else and often to oneself as well. The way our bodies, minds, and souls are engaged with art is very distinct from verbal articulation. Not just this, often the very process of painting is seen as therapeutic and can help calm nerves, reduce stress and offer a creative outlet for negativity. 
Art therapy taps into the subconscious and unconscious mind to draw out problems so they can be solved. It is aimed at finding associations and correlations between the way someone paints and their inner life. One’s art can be used as a means to look deep into their memories and expresses a lot that may be unconscious. We can only find something when we are searching, and art therapists are skilled in just that.
Art based therapies plays a very vital role in all my teachings and training programmes. The techniques and process have  are very interesting and been highly beneficiary for my clients and students .

Art of Living Happiness Program

The Happiness program is a very unique and beautiful program, designed by my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is taught all across the world as a foundation course for the Art of Living programs. This course has been the foundation for me and everything I have taught. Millions of people around the world have similarly benefited from the same.

The world-famous technique, “Sudarshan Kriya”, (, is taught exclusively by the happiness program. Sudarshan Kriya is a breathing practice and has been found to have several benefits for the mind as well as the body. 

Many people attempt to learn meditation on their own, but cannot seem to keep their minds still enough. The Sudarshan Kriya is an easy yet effective meditating style that has the ability to take the mind into a very deep meditative state. The idea behind such breathing practices is that the key to happiness lies in the way we breathe. There is a distinct change in our breathing pattern when we are scared, angry, nervous, excited or content. Our breathing is influenced by our mental state, but what those at the Art of Living claim is that this relationship is not merely one-sided. Our breathing too can affect our mental states. This is the skill they wish to impart through Sudarshan Kriya. Through our breathing, we should be able to have some degree of control over how we feel.

The Happiness program is designed for those who wish to be happy but cannot figure out how to get there. The aim is to give individuals the power to determine how happy their lives can be. This is done through the use of practical tools that aid people in their paths to reaching their full potential of happiness. These tools are not limited to just breathing techniques. The program also teaches yoga, meditation and imparts a lot more in the form of practical knowledge through the workshops. The aim is to create happiness that lasts, and happiness that you have an active role in creating for yourself. Such happiness will remain even during testing times where typically stress and negativity take over. Your mind is made resilient through the various techniques and it becomes almost immune to getting affected by external negativity.


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