Wings of Light

"The white in the wings signifies light and the power to overcome all of our obstacles."


(24inches x 36inches on CANVAS)

The unknown always appears to us as a dark void. We do not know what we may discover in that void, and this uncertainty makes us afraid to even approach that space with an open mind. Every new journey is accompanied by this very fear of the unknown and of uncertainty. What we don’t realise is that this fear is just a mental obstacle that often prevents us from doing our best. That is why, at these times it is most important to have faith that the darkness that surrounds us is actually a cloak of warmth and protection. There can be no light without there being darkness as well. Therefore, we should look at areas of darkness as places where we have the opportunity to spread our own light. The ability to take off on new journeys to these dark places should be seen as a blessing. Not everyone finds a stable ground to take off on that flight, and to land back safely. This hard ground is formed by our own mental strength and all our loved ones who are ever present as an unyielding support system to help us through our journeys. Blue is a colour that doesn’t belong to the light nor the dark. Blue stands for serenity, security and relief. It signifies reflection, which leads to introspection and helps us stay calm. It is the colour of the never-ending skies and the vast ocean. Blue is the colour of every breath we take in. Blue signifies life. In this painting, blue as a colour signifies that which drives away fear and with it what hinders us from doing our best. White stands for peace, goodness, safety and purity.

“The white in the wings signifies light and the power to overcome all of our obstacles.”

I made this painting for someone very dear to me, to help her find courage and to have faith in her ability to excel in her next endeavor of life.

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