Vegetable Garden For Small Spaces

Although we all wish to have a large space for growing our vegetable garden, the reality is that we have a space constraint in most cities, and urban areas.
However, this should not stop you from cultivating a tiny corner or green patch for yourself. It could be a small balcony, a corner of your terrace, a small back yard or a tiny courtyard, there are always a few plants suitable for your space.
Just make sure you build your soil fertility by making or using natural compost and also rotating your crops.

Picking the plants suitable for your space could get tricky. The variety is huge and one can get overwhelmed with choices. However, it is always a good idea to start with something simple. Something that naturally grows in that habitat.
Do not try any foreign vegetables in the beginning as they will require more skill and care.

Few points to look at when planning your garden

1) Pick the vegetables that you love to eat and can grow locally.(Do not pick a foreign plant).

2) Pick vegetables that have a repeat harvest. Pick the ones which yield high productivity and a good nutritional value.

3) Pick plants that have more edible value, where you can consume the vegetables, leaves, stems and even the roots.

4) Pick plants which do not take a long time to mature, and have a long fruiting period.

5) Avoid vegetables that take up more space. Example:- Large headed vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

6) Pick vegetables that will take less ground space and climb up like tomato, aubergine, chillies.

7) Locally grown herbs and leafy vegetables are very fulfilling to grow as they harvest very quickly.

8) It is important to rotate the crop. This helps in nourishing the soil and helps in preventing diseases and pests.

9) Growing microgreens is very easy and fulfilling. These can be added to you salads, sandwiches, curries and smoothies.

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