Stress Free Studying

Khar Education Society, Mumbai



We conducted a “Stress free studying” workshop at Khar Education Society, Mumbai, recently, and had the privilege to work with and shape some of the most brilliant young minds of Mumbai. The modules we used were designed especially for children from Classes 7-10. The purpose was to bring about greater self-awareness through acceptance, kindness, and effective communication. We spent a lot of time helping the students first understand their own self by bringing about awareness of their individual strengths and skills through games and group activities centered around creativity and art. 
Helping children understand and improve their interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers, and friends was also an important goal we hoped to achieve since these relationships are indispensable to self-growth.


I enjoyed the workshop very much. What I liked the most were the tips on how to convince our parents. I also enjoyed the Mandala process, it was fun!
Mahek Sheth
April 2019
The workshop was very inspiring and made us feel confident. It gave us the support and strength to encourage us.
Arushi Sharma
April 2019
I liked this workshop very much, as I could express my feelings and I also like the idea of a Life Chart!
Namasavi SIngh
April 2019