Training (Self Development) with Dhara

"Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives."

- Rudolf Steiner.​

Self-Development Workshops

My journey of teaching began in the year 2005 at a street school in Mumbai. That was when the seeds were first sowed, seeds that soon grew into a tree of joy and fulfilment. The tree stands tall in my life now, symbolizing my newfound purpose; Teaching.
I have been associated with the Art of Living since the year 2000, when I started as a volunteer. By 2009, I became a faculty member. Since then, I have been conducting the Yes + program for the Youth (age 16+), and Happiness Program for adults (age 18 +). The people I work with are as diverse as can be, from housewives to youngsters, seniors, policeman, fireman, and corporates. There is nothing more fulfilling than experiencing the positive change that these people go through. Needless to say, such exposurehelps me grow as well.
"Teaching to me is the purest form of love."

In the year 2013, I was introduced to Art therapy, a powerful form of self-development and therapy. This opened a whole new world of art and a non-verbal medium of expression. It gave me another tool to help, heal and serve people.

With time, I created a unique program of my own, in which I have used breathing techniques and simple meditations to develop inner strength and combat stress. Art and creativity have been incorporated to help one understand himself. I have used group process to encourage teamwork and healthy group dynamics.

Life for me has always been about balance, and balance between the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical is of utmost importance to me. And this is how i have designed the training program.

I believe, Self-awareness is the key to huge success, and hence, I have designed tools, techniques, and processes, revolving around just one question – “Who am I ?”. This is known to be the beginning of an inward journey for most spiritual seekers in the world.

My aim as a teacher is to help people find themselves and to help empower them. 
The philosophy behind my teaching is simple: Self-awareness and self-acceptance. Enabling those, I teach them to be aware of their natural strengths and improvement areas in a powerful way of shaping their identities. I want to help people overcome the barriers blocking their path while moving forward in life. All of us have inner fears and obstacles that hold us back. Often, we are not even aware of the form of these fears. My job is to first help people identify their fears and provide the tools to help overcome them. I cannot pull out the weight holding you down. I can only nudge you in the right direction so you discover your own path to fix what is wrong. The longer you walk, the easier it gets, and the closer you get to your dreams and goals.
Having trained thousands of individuals over the years, I have noticed a need of simple, everyday and easy to apply spiritual education for self-knowledge in our society. My aim is to impart intuitive, engaging and informative sessions on psychological and spiritual life strategies that are ignored by the conventional education system.
The power to shape the present is the most powerful tool in anyone’s arsenal. My teaching focuses on the present and moving forward with every moment. All this has culminated in the form of the following formats, which are further designed for individual needs.