Intellectual Elevation


(24inches x 36inches on Canvas)

Knowledge is not just limited to how many facts you know or how many books you have read. Knowledge is also about experience and procedural knowledge which forms the practical side of knowledge that is how to do things. Knowledge has always been one of the most valued and precious gifts in the history of the world. According to Indian philosophers, it is important to have knowledge so that you can escape the cycle of life and death and attain moksha. But according to most people, being knowledgeable helps one go through life with more ease.

It provides a base for certainty in this uncertain world and drives fear away. Fear is most often caused by what we do not know. Thus the more we know, the less fearful and we are and thereby knowledge has the power to set us free from this fear. Just as Miles David once said, “Knowledge is freedom…” There is a saying in Hindi that roughly translates to “When God has to put you through a tough time in life, he first corrupts your mind” meaning that in this phase of life, you will not be able to properly employ what you know. Even the worst of times can be combatted through knowledge and information. Knowledge, just like love, does not reduce upon sharing in fact; it grows as much as you distribute it to those around you. There is no end to knowledge and everyday, in the smallest activities there is scope to learn more and more, and everyday, you have the power to uplift yourself.

"Knowledge has the power to uplift you"

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