Happy Parenting Workshop

Khar Education Society, Mumbai



I recently conducted a “Happy Parenting” Workshop, at Khar Education Society in Mumbai. 
The workshop was focused on improving parent-children relationships. 
My aim is to help parents understand the link between psychological, physiological and hormonal growth in children and the impact these factors have on them. The modules are educative and offered insights into, and solutions for everyday problems in a child’s life; this one was focussed especially for teenagers.
It is time for more Schools and Universities to realise the importance of workshops like these, and make them a part of their curriculum. 
It brings a holistic approach in the overall well being of the children and youth of today. 


The workshop was very enlightening as being a parent, we do many things unconsciously. After this workshop, I understand situations better.
Sarrah Navagharwala
April 2019
The Happy Parenting workshop, is really helpful, and it was interesting to learn about how to deal with children of different age groups.
Snehal Khot
April 2019
It was superb, and very informative! It is really required for today's world and children upbringing. Thanks a lot.
Vinisha Khemani
April 2019