Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of non verbal psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self expression through painting , music , creativity and all kinds of art. It is an alternative method of expression often used as a therapeutic technique. Art therapy is gaining popularity as people realise the insufficiency of words or merely the challenge of connecting with one’s inner feelings and giving it words.
Often, mere words cannot do justice to describing how we feel. Pure joy, heartbreak, pain, emotional trauma; how does one describe any of these accurately? There sometimes is an unimaginable gap between feelings and words. Words fail to capture the depth and complexity of what we feel. Art attempts to help bridge this gap and make up for the limitations of language by bringing into view what is hidden to everyone else and often to oneself as well. The way our bodies, minds, and souls are engaged with art is very distinct from verbal articulation. Not just this, often the very process of painting is seen as therapeutic and can help calm nerves, reduce stress and offer a creative outlet for negativity. 
Art therapy taps into the subconscious and unconscious mind to draw out problems so they can be solved. It is aimed at finding associations and correlations between the way someone paints and their inner life. One’s art can be used as a means to look deep into their memories and expresses a lot that may be unconscious. We can only find something when we are searching, and art therapists are skilled in just that.
Art based therapies plays a very vital role in all my teachings and training programmes. The techniques and process have  are very interesting and been highly beneficiary for my clients and students .

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