Art of Living - Happiness Program




This course has been very special to me. It marks 10 years of my service to the organization, along with 10 years of a beautiful partnership with Nitika Mirchandani, my co-teacher in the happiness programs and also my best friend.
It has been a wholesome journey, filled with love, gratitude, and joy. Each course has been a gift in the form of an opportunity for me to grow.
With every step in this journey, I feel compelled to learn more so I can teach better and help those around me, as much as my abilities allow me to. 
The joy and blessings that I receive on the last day of each course touch me in the deepest parts of my soul and motivate me to be the absolute best version of myself. Teaching the Art of Living-Happiness Program, has been one of the most fulfilling ventures of my life, and will always remain close to my heart.


We feel peaceful and spiritual. Thank you, once again from the bottom of my heart. Stay blessed always.

Gurus play such an important part in shaping and guiding, especially gurus like Dhara and Nitika. It was a lovely experience. We enjoyed every moment of it. There is a tremendous difference in Mr. Karim, my husband, after attending the Art of Living- Happiness Program.

Jahanara & Mohamed Karim
March 2019
I will cherish this experience for life

Well, i can only say that my life is completely different. I am enjoying the peace and calmness that the entire Art of Living- Happiness Program, has brought into my life. It has given me knowledge and taught me many practices.
To me, The Art of Living is a celebration. Celebrating every moment and helping others to bring out those good qualities in each and everyone's life. I am enjoying this transformation in me, and now I am even more grateful for whatever I have got in life. Thank u so much Dhara Dedhiya, Nitika Mirchandani, Poonam and Natasha, and the entire team, to mentor us so beautifully.

Saba Zariwala
March 2019
Thank you so much, I am glad I did it.

When i enrolled in this course, i was distressed and extremely sad, considering what I was going through. In the 5 days of meeting like minded people, discussions, meditation and much more that comes with this course, it really changed a lot for me. It helped me in changing my perspective towards life. I felt lighter in my heart and healed in many ways. I have been practising the "Sudarshan Kriya" on a daily basis, and feel much happier and positive.
I surely recommend everyone to take this course, irrespective of your state of mind, it will make you a better person. It is a spiritual experience, which helps you to understand life and yourself better. Both Dhara and Nitika, are extremely approachable and warm as teachers. I am also looking forward to taking up an Advance course with them.

Sudeha Lamba
March 2019